Med Spa Massage Therapy

Our massage therapies are designed to relax, renew, and improve overall well-being by increasing circulation, easing tension, and releasing stress and fatigue—restoring peace and harmony to your mind and body. Contact us to learn more.

Evita Signature Massage

Duration: (60 and 90 minute options are available)

Using only the best calming scents and essential oils, our signature massage is designed to relieve tension where you need it most.

Body care young girl having massage relaxing

Exfoliation & Rejuvenation Massage

Duration: 90 min

A full body massage that incorporates both exfoliation and rehydration treatments, this rejuvenating massage is designed to leave your skin feeling supple and smooth.

Woman receiving facial beauty treatment


Duration: 45 min

Designed to relieve the buildup of tension and stiffness in the back, neck, and shoulders from chronic pain using varying degrees of pressure, increasing blood flow, and relaxing the muscles.

Relaxing spa massage

Maternity Massage

Duration: 60 min

Specifically designed to nurture and pamper the mamma-to-be or new mamma during this special time; a gentle massage aimed at alleviating pre- or post-natal discomfort and deepening a sense of calm and relaxation. Please note: Prenatal massages are suitable for all stages of pregnancy after the first trimester.

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Invigorate your body and feel rejuvenated with our array of spa services